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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Competitive advantages of the visual information system of transport centersChemakina, Oktyabrina; Svirko, Vladimir; Kuzmin, Oleg; Kuzmin, Anton
2017Comprehensive evaluation of the hot sweet soufflé dessert qualityDitrikh, Iryna; Kuzmin, Oleg; Mikhailenko, Vladlena
2018Concerning the prospect of using electrochemical activation in the production of alcoholic productsKuzmin, Oleg; Marynin, Andriy
2017Conditions of obtaining porous carbon materials from pyrolyzed wood wastes by chemical activation of H3PO4Zubkova, Valentyna; Shendrik, Tatiana; Kuzmin, Oleg
2020Definition of rating of samples in technology of water-alcohol infusions by profile non-linear quality criteriaKoretska, Iryna; Kuzmin, Oleg; Zinchenko, Tatiana
2018Definition of the role of business modelling in the building of a management information systemPozdniakov, Serhii; Kuzmin, Oleg; Kiiko, Victoriia; Korenets, Yuriі
2015Determination of systems with a steady equilibrium in vodkas, depending on transformation of hydroxyl protonsKuzmin, Oleg
2017Determination of the factor space of the process of extrusion of sausage productsKuzmin, Oleg; Pasichyi, Vasyl; Levkun, Kateryna; Riznyk, Anastasiia
2018Development of complex quantity assessment method of butter qualityNiemirich, Oleksandra; Kuzmin, Oleg; Vasheka, Oksana; Zychuk, Tetyana
2018Development of elements of the quality management system of the reception and accommodation service in the hotelKuzmin, Oleg; Chernenko, Dmytro; Symonova, Oleksandra; Velichko, Vladimir
2018Development of quality management systems in the hotel-restaurant businessKuzmin, Oleg; Pozdniakov, Serhii; Kiiko, Victoriia; Akimova, Liudmila
2014Eduction of equilibrium state in vodkas by means of 1H NMR spectroscopyKuzmin, Oleg; Topol’nik, Vera; Mironchuk, Valeriy
2014Eduction of transitional equilibrium in vodkas by means of 1H NMR spectroscopyKuzmin, Oleg; Topol’nik, Vera
2014Eduction of unsteady equilibrium in vodkas by means of 1H NMR spectroscopyKuzmin, Oleg; Topol’nik, Vera
2017Effects of the water desalting by reverse osmosis on the process of formation of water-alcohol mixtures. 1H NMR spectroscopy studiesKuzmin, Oleg; Sujkov, Sergey; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Ditrikh, Iryna; Sylka, Iryna
2017Identification of equilibrium state of hydroxyl protons in vodkas by 1H NMR spectroscopyKuzmin, Oleg; Sujkov, Sergey; Koretska, Iryna; Matyiashchuk, Olena; Polovyk, Volodymyr
2017Improvement technologies of aqueous-alcoholic infusions for the production of syrupsKuzmin, Oleg; Kovalchuk, Yana; Velichko, Vladimir; Romanchenko, Natalia
2016Innovative technologies of aqueous-alcoholic infusions for the production of syrupsObesnyuk, Olga; Kovalchuk, Yana; Kuzmin, Oleg
2018Internal mechanisms for establishment of the equilibrium state of water-alcohol mixtures in vodka technologyKuzmin, Oleg; Zubkova, Valentyna; Shendrik, Tatiana; Korenets, Yuriі; Kuzmin, Anton; Bilenky, Pavel
2019Investigation of using natural aromatizers of lemon essential oil in ayurvedic culinaryFrolova, Natalia; Sylka, Iryna; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Kuzmin, Oleg