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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Advantages and disadvantages of distance learningVlasenko, Ludmila; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Analysis of a good image of the companyBabik, Yulia; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Analysis of food consumptionHudz’, Yuriy; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Analysis of marketing strategies in UkraineGrytsenko, Alina; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Analysis of recruiting in UkraineShpakovich, Ekaterina; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Analysis of ukrainian food processing industryBozhok, Natalia
2014Anti-crisis management and diagnostics of probability of inception of the bankruptcy in UkraineToporova, Anastasia; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Budgeting technology as a tool of enterprise managementZamoroka, M.; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Causes and solutions to conflicts in the enterpriseBadah, Yulia; Bozhok, Natalia
2013Coping with frustrated students: main strategies and their interpretationBozhok, Natalia
2020Cybersecurity of industrial Internet of ThingsLinkevych, Oksana; Bozhok, Natalia
2019Cyprus as one of the most attractive offshore areas for UkraineMaziar, Olga; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Different approaches to strategic planningShevtsova, Anna; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Different approaches to the organizational culture in managementShevtsova, Anna; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Factors of economic sustainability of the food industry enterprisesPidgirnyj, Igor; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Fight of producers for the world food marketKuksov, Alexander; Bozhok, Natalia
2019Fractal analysis as a method of creating the subsystem for monitoring the automation processKryschenko, Dmitry; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Importance of private ownership in the economy of UkraineYarynovska, Mariana; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Incomes policy and regulation of wagesAlmaz, Oksana; Bozhok, Natalia
2014Inflation as a problem of Ukrainian economyKopiika, Tania; Bozhok, Natalia