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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Advertising as a method of forming cunsumer demandsOsadchuk, O.; Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga
2014Basic methods of assortment portfilio analysis of the groupKrainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga; Chaika, Ivanna
2012Consumer motivation as a basis for forming an effective communication mixSkryhun, Natalya; Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga; Bezpalko, Olena
2014Development trends of llc «Ferrero Ukraine» in the confectionary marketBelova, Tatyana; Cherkasova, Victoria; Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga
2012Different matrixes of Boston Consulting GroupBelova, Tatyana; Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga; Gavrilova, Tatyana
2013Evaluation of the options by the consumers in process of buying enterprises`s goodsBelova, Tatyana; Mosiyevych, V.; Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga
2013Performance evaluation of the assortment and nomenclature of goods of the enterpriseKrainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga; Belova, Tatyana; Kiporuk, A.
2016Research of mechanism of decision-making in relation to purchase consumer goodsBelova, Tatyana; Voitovych, Nataliya; Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga
2015The essence and the principles of the creation of the strategy of blue oceanBelova, Tatyana; Glushanitsya, Anastasia; Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga
2012Validity of the choice of international markets as the key to successful foreign economic activity of enterpriseKrainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga; Kochmaruk, Maria; Vasilko, T.
2013Vending as perspective direction of enterprises development that operate on mineral water marketBadeshchenkova, Кaterina; Zorenko, A. V.; Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga