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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A concentration of organic compounds of alcoholic distillate under bioethanol productionIvanov, Sergey; Shiyan, Peter; Buliy, Yuri; Kuts, Anatoly
2013Advantages of ethanol production from starch-containing raw materials using poliheksamethylene-guanidine (PHMG) saltsBondar, Nikolai; Shiyan, Peter; Kuts, Anatoly
2016Distillation of alcoholic distillate in controlled cycles modeBuliy, Yuri; Shiyan, Peter; Kuts, Anatoly
2016From experience of using mechatronics subsystems in rectification technologyBuliy, Yuri; Shiyan, Peter; Kuts, Anatoly
2016Innovative technology of alcohol drinksOliynyk, Svitlana; Kuts, Anatoly; Tarasyuk, Lesya
2017Investigation of the influence of nanoparticles of metals on fermenttation of wort of high concentrationsKovalchuk, Svitlana; Shiyan, Peter; Mudrak, Tatiana; Kuts, Anatoly; Kyrylenko, Roman
2016Optimizing nitrogen and mineral composition of the highly concentrated mash of raw starchKuts, Anatoly; Mudrak, Tatiana; Kovalchuk, Svitlana
2013Rectification of bioethanol in guided cycles modeIvanov, Sergey; Shiyan, Peter; Buliy, Yuri; Kuts, Anatoly
2020Research on the ultrathin structure of cells of different distillers’ yeast races and its dependence on the concentration of dry matter in wort.Mudrak, Tatiana; Kovalchuk, Svitlana; Kuts, Anatoly; Dotsenko, Viktor
2018Selection of the complex of enzyme preparation for the hydrolysis of the constituents of grain at the fermentation of the wort of highMudrak, Tatiana; Kuts, Anatoly; Kovalchuk, Svitlana; Kyrylenko, Roman; Bondar, Nikolai
2014Water-alcohol adsorbing cleaning out of higher alcohols by shungiteMelnyk, Lyudmila; Turchun, Oleg; Tkachuk, Nataliia; Kuts, Anatoly; Melnyk, Zinoviy