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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advances in modern organic products productionZajarnuk, Nastia; Lukyanets, Galina
2016Antimicrobial food packaging applicationsKalabska, Viktoria; Lukyanets, Galina
2016Biotechnology and food safetyMartynuk, Anton; Lukyanets, Galina
2013Current approaches to the technology of bakery products made from frozen prepared foodRohliev, Iosif; Havrysh, Andrey; Dotsenko, Viktor; Lukyanets, Galina
2019Development of sauces for long-term storageKhorunzha, Тetiana; Lukyanets, Galina
2019Ecological problems in production of ethanol from starch-based raw materialsMarushchak, Herman; Lukyanets, Galina
2016Essential contribution of omega-3 fatty acidsMolodid, Tetiana; Lukyanets, Galina
2016Food biotechnology in modern lifeKravchenko, Serhii; Lukyanets, Galina
2017Food waste issueHorbenko, Oleksandr; Lukyanets, Galina
2019Functioning of colour terms in Ukrainian and English literary texts : similes and synaesthesiaLukyanets, Galina
2013Hospitality industry: integrating innovationsNarezhna, Valeria; Lukyanets, Galina
2012Innovations in ukrainian hospitality industryLukyanets, Galina
2016Omega-3 deficienciesPyhachov, Sviatislav; Lukyanets, Galina
2013Professional English for CommunicationSmirnova, Elizabeth; Mykhailova, Nelia; Chala, Kateryna; Yurchuk, Lyudmila; Kokhan, Olena M.; Yanenko, Larisa; Lukyanets, Galina; Rusakova, Anna; Boyko, Anna; Tkachenko, Nataliya
2019Search for alternative filtering materials in production of beveragesTarasiuk, Lesia; Lukyanets, Galina; Oliynyk, Svitlana
2019Selection of place to stay while travellingLukyanets, Galina; Kovalchuk, O.
2018Semantic extensions of Green Colour Terms in Contemporary English and Ukrainian FictionLukyanets, Galina
2015Senses and taste of the finest Italian wineSroikevich, Catherine; Lukyanets, Galina
2015Spain Cellar Tour: luxury and tasteLukyanets, Galina
2017Tourism in digital eraMaksymova, Viltoriia; Lukyanets, Galina