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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Academic integrity - a step into the futureMykhalevych, Artur; Sapiga, Victoria; Kuzmyk, Uliana
2019Complex Analysis of Quality Indices of Ice Cream with the Use of Milk and Protein ConcentratesOsmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Polishchuk, Galyna; Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana; Mykhalevych, Artur
2021Comprehensive quality assessment of organoleptic indicators of fruit-vegetable sauce with pine nutsMykhalevych, Artur; Kuzmyk, Uliana
2017Determining of expidience use of dry basil leaves in the technology of sour milk pasteYushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Kuzmyk, Uliana; Yatsenko, Olga; Mykhalevych, Artur; Kushil, Anna; Panchenko, Alexandra; Skyibida, Valeriya
2021Development of a new type of alcoholic ice creamKochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Kuzmyk, Ulyana; Mykhalevych, Artur
2021Development of a new type of alcoholic ice creamKuzmyk, Ulyana; Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana; Polishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Bass, Oksana; Mykhalevych, Artur
2021Development of resource-saving technologies in the dairy industryMykhalevych, Artur; Polishchuk, Galyna; Bass, Oksana
2021Enzymatic hydrolysis of lactose in concentrates of reconstituted demineralized whey, intended for ice cream productionOsmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Mleko, Stanislaw; Bass, Oksana; Mykhalevych, Artur; Kuzmyk, Uliana
2021Evaluation of oxidity resistance of milk-containing products based on blending of vegetable oilsBelemets, Tatiana; Radzievska, Irina; Tochkova, Oksana; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Kuzmyk, Uliana; Mykhalevych, Artur
2021Evaluation of social and economic efficiency from the intoduction of acidophilic-whey enriched ice creamMykhalevych, Artur; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Polishchuk, Galyna; Kuzmyk, Uliana
2021Food value study of acidophilic-whey ice creamPolishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Bass, Oksana; Mykhalevych, Artur
2021Formation of European environment culture and consciousness of students in UkraineMykhalevych, Artur; Salavor, Oksana
2021Implementation of resource-saving technologies of whey processing - a step to sustainable development of dairy companiesMykhalevych, Artur; Sapiga, Victoria; Kuzmyk, Uliana
2018Influence of collagen-containing ingredient on thermocoagulation of protein of whey concentrationGrek, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla; Ovsiienko, Kira; Mykhalevych, Artur
2019Introduction of germinated wheat seeds as enrichment of biological valueMykhalevych, Artur; Skyibida, Valeriya; Ashmarina, Galina
2021Investigation of the fermentation process of demineralized whey concentrates for ice cream productionKuzmyk, Uliana; Bass, Oksana; Mykhalevych, Artur; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana
2021Investigation of the process of lactose enzymolysis in the production of acidophilic-whey ice creamMykhalevych, Artur; Sapiga, Victoria; Polishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana
2021Overcoming protein deficiency – a current issue of contemporaneityOsmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Mykhalevych, Artur; Polishchuk, Galyna; Sapiga, Viktoria
2019Perspectives of the use of red palm oil as a functional componentMykhalevych, Artur; Skyibida, Valeriya; Ashmarina, Galina
2019Philosophy of companyChubenko, Larysa; Mykhalevych, Artur; Skyibida, Valeriya; Kitov, Nicholay