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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An Endeavor of Freedom: Modern Anthologies of Ukrainian Free VerseNaumenko, Nataliia
2021-04Antioxidant effectiveness of plant culturesSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia
2014Avicenna and his Canon of Medical Science: reconstructing the basic principles of rational nutritionVishnyakov, Konstantin; Naumenko, Nataliia
2012Biological value of aronia berriesSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia; Kaminska (Halapsina), Svitlana
2022Biological value of proteins of cultivated mushroomSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia
2021Concept Sphere of ‘Young Poland’ Free Verse Writing in Critical and Artistic DimensionsNaumenko, Nataliia
2016Designing the technology of pastous milk-containing foodstuffs for the diets of military personnelPolishchuk, Galyna; Simahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia; Ustymenko, Ihor
2014Estimation the quality of wild plant raw for production of healthy foodSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia
2016Fruit and berry composition in dairy products for military personnelSimahina, Galina; Kaminska (Halapsina), Svitlana; Bashta (Sheremet), Alla; Naumenko, Nataliia
2019Infinità e definità di forma libera nella poesia ucrainaNaumenko, Nataliia
2012Linguistic game elements in food advertisingNaumenko, Nataliia; Stelmakh, R.
2013Low temperatures in food technologiesSimahina, Galina; Stetsenko, Natalia; Naumenko, Nataliia
2012On "Literary mastery" as an esthetic categoryNaumenko, Nataliia
2020Onomatopoeias of contemporary Ukrainian poetry in the aspect of artistic synthesisNaumenko, Nataliia
2013Proving the choice of curative plants for obtaining antioxidant complexesSimahina, Galina; Stetsenko, Natalia; Naumenko, Nataliia
2019Qualitative indicators of grain flakes of functional purposeBazhay-Zhezherun, Svitlana; Simahina, Galina; Bereza-Kіndzerska, Ludmila; Naumenko, Nataliia
2022Real and invented islands in the 20th century Ukrainian literature as the elements of existential imageryNaumenko, Nataliia
2018Sensory imagery in poems by Pavlo Tychyna and their Anglophone translationsNaumenko, Nataliia
2021Specifications of Free Verse Writing in Lesja Ukrajinka’s HeritageNaumenko, Nataliia
2016Stylistic diversity in creation of the poetics of a literary work for children (based on T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats)Naumenko, Nataliia