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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Antioxidants in food systems. Mechanism of actionPolumbryk, Maksim; Ivanov, Sergey; Polumbryk, Oleg
2014Determination of trace elements (Cr, AI, Pb) by atomic absorption in natural water of KyivPolumbryk, Maksim; Ishchenko, Vera; Polumbryk, Oleg
2013Developing methodology for atomic absorption determination of metallic elements in natural waterIshchenko, Vera; Polumbryk, Oleg; Panchuk, Tamara
1984Electronic and steric structure “Quasi-verdazyls.” I. Phosphaverdazyl and its leuco baseNesterenko, A.; Polumbryk, Oleg; Markovskii, Leonid
1987Electronic structures and reactivities of derivatives of 1,4-dihydropyridines. 1. 1-methyl-3-carbamidopyridinyl radical and 1-methyl-3-carbamidopyridinium cationNesterenko, A.; Buryak, Nadezhda; Polumbryk, Oleg; Yasnikov, A.
1975Polarographic investigation of donor-acceptor properties of triphenylverdazyls in propylene carbonatePolumbryk, Oleg; Dvorko, G.; Vasil'kevich, N.; Kuznetsov, V. A.
1979Quantum-chemical investigation of spatial and electronic structure of verdazyl and its derivativesMarkovskii, Leonid; Polumbryk, Oleg; Nesterenko, A.
1980Synthesis of 5-nitro-N,N-diphenylhydrazinopyrimidines and investigation of their free radicalsBoldyrev, I. V.; Polumbryk, Oleg; Markovskii, Leonid; Cherkasov, V. M.
2015The use of polimers ascarriers in encapsulation of spice oleoresinsPasichnyi, Vasyl; Khomenko, Yulia; Polumbryk, Oleg
1978Verdazyl radicals with perfluorphenyl ringsPolumbryk, Oleg; Ryabokon, Ivan; Markovskii, Leonid