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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20172-Acylthioamides in the Biginelli reactionSimurova, Natalia; Mayboroda, Elena; Britsun, Vasiliy
2016A study of the viscosity of water solutions of inulin – the functional food ingredientZinchenko, Natalia; Simurova, Natalia; Shelakov, Andrei
2017Biginelli reaction – an effective method for the synthesis of dihydropyrimidine derivativesSimurova, Natalia; Mayboroda, Elena
2013Bioorganic complex derived from Jerusalem artichoke pureeZinchenko, Natalia; Simurova, Natalia
2016Iodine insufficiency as a dietary issue in elderly people and its connection with pathology of thyroidSimurova, Natalia; Postol, Svitlana; Kravchenko, Victor
2018Modification of Potato Starch by Acetylmalic Acid Chloroanhydride and Physicochemical Research of the New ProductShulga, Oksana; Simurova, Natalia; Shulga, Serhij; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2011Multigram Synthesis of trans-2-(Trifluoromethyl)cyclopropanamineBezdudnyy, Andrey; Klyukovskyy, Denis; Simurova, Natalia; Mykhailyuk, Pavel; Shishkin, Oleg; Pustovit, Yuriy
2016Syntheses of 4-aryl-1-R2-6-R1-5-(N-arylthiocarbamoyl)-1,2,3,4-tеtrahydropyrimidine-2-ones (thiones)Mayboroda, Elena; Simurova, Natalia
2016Synthesis and study of 3-methyI-6H-indolo[2.3-h]quinoxalinesSimurova, Natalia; Shulga, Serhij; Shulga, Oksana
2017Synthesis of Dihydropyrimidine Derivatives by Biginelli's Reaction in student Workshops on Organic ChemistrySimurova, Natalia; Kovaleva, Svetlana; Mazur, Larisa
2019Synthesis of N-alkyl-N-heterylmethyl pentenamides as novel neonicotinoid analogsSimurova, Natalia
2017Synthesis of Six-Membered Thiophene-Annelated Heterocycle Containing P and N atomsKovaleva, Svetlana; Simurova, Natalia; Mazur, Larisa