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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Probiotics as a remedy against stressStarovoitova, Svitlana
2016Probiotics with tannase activityStarovoitova, Svitlana
2021Probiotic’s biotechnology for prevention and treatment of Covid-19Starovoitova, Svitlana
2009Problem and algorithms of structural identification of multivariable stabilization plant with an arbitrary dynamics (by the example of the helicopter with cargo bracket)Blokhin, Leonid; Krivonosenko, Alexandr; Vovk, Vladimir; Bezkorovayniy, Yuri
2017Probleme von TrinkwasserGrischenko, Oleksiy; Boyko, Anna
2017Problems and opportunities of development of the wine-growing and wine-growing industry of UkraineBilko, Marina; Motusenko, O.; Petlyna, Daria
2018Problems and Perspectives of Development of Green(Rural) Tourism in UkraineKhotieva, Olexandra; Yanenko, Larisa
2017Problems and prospects for introducing the requirements of the standart Global G.A.P. by national agricultural producersSliva, Yulia; Gumenyuk, Galina
2012Problems and prospects of development of accounting in current business environmentMalashenko, Natalia
2013Problems and prospects of environmental audit in UkraineSiryk, D.; Nychyk, Oksana; Salavor, Oksana
2013Problems and prospects of small fruit market in UkraineSkryhun, Natalya; Kapinus, Larisa
2017Problems and prospects of the dairy market in UkraineSokolets, Tetyana; Molozhon, Maria
2013Problems and research results of cooling processes of bakery products by vacuum evaporative wayKovalyov, Alexander; Dolomakin, Yuriy
2014Problems of development of infant food enterprisesYurchenko, Nataliya
2012Problems of economic development in UkraineMelnyk, Lyudmila; Trygub, Inna
2016Problems of Enterprises Development of Meat Processing Industry of UkraineShevchenko, Ivanna; Molozhon, Maria
2014Problems of financial and tax accounting in UkraineBezverkha, Мarina
2014Problems of internal audit in UkraineLetucha, Anna
2013Problems of motivation in the companyCheberyak, Olena
2013Problems of providing high-quality raw materials of the bakery enterprisesDunda, Svetlana