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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Oenotourisme dans le mondeYakymenko, Olena; Lutsenko, Maria
2014Offre touistique d’aujourd’hui et de demainTkatchenko, Y.
2013Oil seeds as a source of edible proteinNosenko, Tamara; Mank, Valeriy; Zhukova, Yaroslava
2016Oleoresins effect on cooked poultry sausages microbiological stabilityUkrainets, Anatoliy; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Zheludenko, Julia; Zadkova, Svetlana
2016Omega-3 deficienciesPyhachov, Sviatislav; Lukianets, Halyna
2012On "Literary mastery" as an esthetic categoryNaumenko, Nataliia
2000On a convergence class for Dirichlet seriesMulyava, Oksana; Sheremeta, Miroslav
1998On a new method for constructing exact solutions of the nonlinear differential equations of mathematical physicsBarannyk, Anatoliy; Yuryk, Ivan
2013On additional symmetries of multi-dimensional nonlinear d'Alembert equationBarannyk, Anatoliy; Yuryk, Ivan
2013On belonging of characteristic functions of probability laws to a convergence classKulyavetc, Lubov; Mulyava, Oksana; Sheremeta, Miroslav
2002On belonging of Naftalevich-Tsuji products to a generalized convergence classGal, Yuriy; Mulyava, Oksana; Sheremeta, Miroslav
2012On Estimates of Singular Numbers of a Hilbert–Schmidt IntegralRadzievska, Elena
1998On exact solution of an equation of non linear acousticsBarannyk, Anatoliy; Yuryk, Ivan
2021On exact solutions of nonlinear equationYuryk, Ivan
2019On exact solutions of the nonlinear heat equationBarannyk, Anatoliy; Yuryk, Ivan
2013On hidden symmetries and solutions of the nonlinear d’Alembert equationBarannyk, Anatoliy; Barannyk, Tatiana; Yuryk, Ivan
2002On new exact solutions of nonlinear wave equationsYuryk, Ivan
2013On nonlinear mathematical models in technological processesOstrowska, Olga; Yuryk, Ivan
2013On solutions to the food production problemsKundeyeva, Galina; Shulpina, Nataliya
2013On some estimates of singular number of integral operator of Hilbert-SchmidtRadzievska, Elena