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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Risk managementDanilova, Anna; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2012Role and importance of communicationVlasenko, Ludmila; Trygub, Inna
2012Second language: learning and teachingVlasenko, Ludmila; Trygub, Inna
2014Tariff remuneration system and methods of improvementPortyanko, Irina; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014The current state of food industry developmentZorina, Anna; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2012The effectiveness of learning vocabulary through gamesVlasenko, Ludmila; Sulima, Irina
2012The idea of distance language learningMykhailova, Nelia; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014The implementation of e-learning in higher educationBozhok, Natalia; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2012The role of the first language in foreign language learningVlasenko, Ludmila; Kokhan, Olena M.; Mykhailova, Nelia
2014The youth unemployment is the investment climate review of the countryBzenko, Alena; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014Theoretical approaches to the definition of “Strategy”Bila, Victoria; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014Trends of modern green marketing in Ukrainian food industryOvsiannikova, Valeria; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014Ukrainian chocolate market researchIvanova, Zhanna; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2012Using film to enhance students’ discussion of sociocultural issuesVlasenko, Ludmila; Trygub, Inna
2011Using questions, dialogue and discussion to facilitate and explore students learningVlasenko, Ludmila; Trygub, Inna
2013Using the Internet for English teachingVlasenko, Ludmila; Sulima, Irina
2011Ways of thinking about effective teachingVlasenko, Ludmila; Sulima, Irina
2012What is the role of educational games?Vlasenko, Ludmila; Sulima, Irina
2014Work motivation systemVovk, Taras; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014Working time and restLytvynenko, Maria; Vlasenko, Ludmila