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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adverse selection as ethical and social issue of applying genetic testing in insuranceArych, Mykhailo; Levon, Mariia
2021Factors influencing food market securityArych, Mykhailo
2017Features and Benefits of MiсroinsuranceArych, Mykhailo
2020Features and types of risks in life and health insurance in UkraineDemianchuk, Svitlana; Arych, Mykhailo; Levon, Mariia
2017Features of foreign experience of micro-insurance for insurance market in UkraineArych, Mykhailo
2021Financial and economic aspects of food market securityArych, Mykhailo
2014Financial and economic performance of the dairy industry of UkraineArych, Mykhailo; Gnatenko, Elena
2015Financial and economic performance of the dairy industry of UkraineSopizhenko, Oksana; Arych, Mykhailo
2019Food security and agricultural insuranceArych, Mykhailo
2020General trends and competitiveness of Australian life insurance industryArych, Mykhailo; Darcy, Walter
2020Genetic Testing Implications for Insurance MarketArych, Mykhailo; Levon, Mariia
2021Genetic testing in insurance: implications for non-EU insurance markets as a part of the European integration processArych, Mykhailo; Levon, Mariia; Arych, Halyna; Kulynych, Yurii
2020Impact of insurance and inflation on economic growth and food market securityArych, Mykhailo; Didenko, Tetiana; Pozdniakova, Kateryna; Korinienko, Mariia; Kripak, Yana
2019Impact of the insurance costs on the competitiveness of food industry enterprises of Ukraine in the context of the food market securityShirinyan, Lada; Arych, Mykhailo
2021Influence of Insurance on Competitiveness of Food Enterprises in UkraineShirinyan, Lada; Arych, Mykhailo; Rohanova, Hanna O.
2019Insurance marketing development trends and peculiaritiesArych, Mykhailo
2018Interconnection of Life Insurance and State of Health of the Population in UkraineArych, Mykhailo; Levon, Mariia
2020Life insurance and causes of deathArych, Mykhailo; Levon, Mariia
2017Main problems of personal insurance and directions of their solution in the context of increasing the competitiveness of the insurance marketArych, Mykhailo
2016Model of financial and economic results of the company in accordance with the concept of Six SigmaArych, Mykhailo