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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Acusotherapy as an innovative method of recovery in spa-technologies of hospitality enterprises in UkraineMedvid, Irina; Shydlovska, Olena; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Dotsenko, Viktor
2015Complex approach to implementation concept of «Ecological hotel»Poyasnyk, Oksana; Bloshchinska (Dudkina), Olena; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Shydlovska, Olena; Dotsenko, Viktor
2019Diversification of additional services at congress hotelsMyroshnyk, Yuliya; Ishchenko, Tatiana
2013Eko-hotels – innovative concept of hospitality in UkraineDotsenko, Viktor; Shydlovska, Olena; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Ohorodniichuk, Olena
2015Finely dispersed spicy-aromatic and carotene containing raw materials as surfactants for oil in water emulsionLiavynets, Heorhii; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Havrysh, Andrey; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Arsenieva, Larisa; Dovgun, Irina
2013Hotel industry in Ukraine embraces green revolutionOhorodniichuk, Olena; Dotsenko, Viktor; Shydlovska, Olena; Ishchenko, Tatiana
2020Innovational aspects of the hotel industry developmentDotsenko, Viktor; Shydlovska, Olena; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Medvid, Irina
2015Investigation of structural-mechanical properties of the recipe composition for special purpose fondantsBloshchinska (Dudkina), Olena; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Havrysh, Andrey; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Tkachuk, Yuriy
2019Investigation of the expedience of modification of the carbohydrate composition of rice flour in the technology of gluten-free breadMedvid, Irina; Dotsenko, Viktor; Shydlovska, Olena; Ishchenko, Tatiana
2013Prospects wine hotels in the south region of UkraineSholudko, Y.; Dotsenko, Viktor; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Shydlovska, Olena
2013Relevance of using low temperature technologies in the creation of products for special purposeHavrysh, Andrey; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Medvid, Irina; Dotsenko, Viktor; Kokhan, Olena M.
2017Structural and mechanical properties of fondan's model systemsBloshchinska (Dudkina), Olena; Ternavska, Irina; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Havrysh, Andrey
2019Studying the possibility of using enzymes, lecithin, and albumen in the technology of gluten-free breadDotsenko, Viktor; Medvid, Irina; Shydlovska, Olena; Ishchenko, Tatiana
2016Technology of cream soups using innovative culinary semi-finished goodsVasilenko, Victoria; Pushka, Olga; Havrysh, Andrey; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Niemirich, Oleksandra
2016Theoretical and practical aspects of the using surfactants in the technology of hot sweet dishesBloshchinska (Dudkina), Olena; Havrysh, Andrey; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Tkachuk, Yuriy