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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Complex of chemical-technological and sanitary-hygienic quality indicators of the new pastry products of special nutritionKotlyar, Eugene; Topchiy, Oksana; Pilipenko, Lyudmila; Pуlуpenko, Inna; Sevastіanova, Elena
2018Development of protein-fat emulsions based on vitaminized blended vegetable oilsKotlyar, Eugene; Topchiy, Oksana; Kyshenia, Andrii; Polumbryk, Maksim; Garbazhiy, Kateryna; Lanzhenko, Liubov; Honcharenko, Taisa
2017Development of sanitary-safe poultry paste products with balanced fatty acid and vitamin compositionKotlyar, Eugene; Topchiy, Oksana; Pilipenko, Lyudmila; Pуlуpenko, Inna; Sevastіanova, Elena
2016Evelopment of formulation multicomponent protein-fat emulsionKotlyar, Eugene; Honcharenko, Taisa; Topchiy, Oksana
2018Morphology of the surface of cooked sausages made with the collagen protein additive «Вilkozyne»Pasichyi, Vasyl; Kotlyar, Eugene; Polumbryk(Ivanova), Manyefa; Polumbryk, Maksim; Litvyak, Volodymyr
2018Plant antioxidants in the production of chopped semi-finished productsMakushev, Denis; Kotlyar, Eugene; Topchiy, Oksana
2020Prospects of using the cryostabilising protein-polysaccharide composition to manufacture semi-finished chopped meat productsShevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna; Polischuk, Galina; Kotlyar, Eugene; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Skochko, Alexey
2016Technological aspects of fortification of blended vegetable oilsTopchiy, Oksana; Kotlyar, Eugene
2015Technology of fortification of blended oilsNikolova, Lena; Topchiy, Oksana; Kotlyar, Eugene
2013Vegetable oils utilization in the recipes of meat patesTopchiy, Oksana; Kotlyar, Eugene