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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A new method of analysis of granulated hopsLitvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Nosenko, Volodymyr; Meletyev, Anatoly; Hutsalo, Inna
2014Analysis of diffuse reflectance spectra of powdered milk and their relationship to technological parametersBelinska, Kristina; Falendysh, Natalia; Nosenko, Volodymyr; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana
2013Analysis of near infrared reflectance spectrum of rape seed with different content of erucic acidNosenko, Tamara; Hutsalo, Inna; Nosenko, Volodymyr; Levchuk, Irina; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana
2018Beer enrichment with biologically active hop compoundsProtsenko, Lidia; Rudyk, Ruslan; Hryniuk, Tetiana; Vlasenko, Aliona; Protsenko, Alona; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Ovadenko, Olena
2018Conductivity of the junction: d-wave pairing superconductive graphene — normal graphene with different Fermi velocityKorol, Anatoliy; Medved, Nataliya; Vyshniak, Volodymyr; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana
2022Conformational Changes in the Structure of Dough and Bread Enriched with Pumpkin Seed FlourLitvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Galenko, Oleg; Cavicchi, Alessio; Ceccanti, Costanza; Mignani, Chiara; Guidi, Lucia; Shevchenko, Anastasiia
2016Determination of moisture content in sunflower meal by reflection NIR spectroscopyHutsalo, Inna; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Nosenko, Tamara; Nosenko, Volodymyr
2017Determination of raw meat freshness by the express method of n ear-IR spectroscopyVolkov, A.; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Kovaleva, Svetlana
2016Energy Spectra of the Graphene-based Fibonacci Superlattice Modulated by the Fermi Velocity BarriersKorol, Anatoliy; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Baglyuk, Sergey; Isai, Valeriy
2017Features of using hops and CO2-extract in brewingProtsenko, Lidia; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana
2022Functional properties of rice flour and its effect on conformational changes in the structure of wheat dough and breadShevchenko, Anastasiia; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana
2018Identification of beeswax and its falsification by the method of infrared spectroscopyVyshniak, Volodymyr; Dimitriev, Oleg; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Dombrovskiy, Valeriy
2016Improving technological processes of waffles production using physical methodsNosenko, Volodymyr; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Dorohovich, Victoriya; Tarasenko, Irina
2017Novel version of the Fibonacci superlattices formed of grapheme nanoribbons: Transmission spectraKorol, Anatoliy; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana
2013Refinement of the physical and chemical methods for the determination of sugarsDeriy, Elena; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Meletyev, Anatoly; Nosenko, Volodymyr
2015Use of reflection spectra in the near infrared region for oil and fat analysis of productsHutsalo, Inna; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Okopna, Yana
2013Using of infrared reflectance spectra of sunflower meal for determination its moisture contentLitvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Hutsalo, Inna; Nosenko, Tamara; Nosenko, Volodymyr
2016Wax-like substances identification by NIR spectroscopyVyshniak, Volodymyr; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Nosenko, Volodymyr; Dombrovskiy, Valeriy