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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Adsorption of ammonia nitrogen from water and of nitrate ions from vegetable juices by shungiteMelnyk, Lyudmila; Sheiko, Tamila
2015Adsorption of heavy metals ions from liquid media by palygorsciteMelnyk, Lyudmila; Bessarab, Alexander; Matko, Svetlana; Malovanyy, Miroslav
2011Adsorptive purification of food raw materials and semi-finished products with help of carbon and natural adsorbentsMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Lyudmila
2017He use of sulphophtalein dyes immobilized on anionite AB-17x8 to determine the contents of Pb(II), Cu(II), Hg(II) and Zn(II) in liquid mediumKostenko, Elizaveta; Melnyk, Lyudmila; Matko, Svetlana; Malovanyy, Miroslav
2010Improvement of the quality and safety of alcohol solutions through their adsorptive refining by natural mineralsMelnyk, Lyudmila; Mank, Valeriy
2012Improving the purification process for aqueous-alcoholic solutions by shuhgіteMelnyk, Lyudmila; Krivorotko, Volodimir
2012Improving the technology of producing food grade dye from red beet juiceMelnyk, Lyudmila; Sheiko, Tamila; Stroy, A.
2019Influence of shungite treatment methods on its absorption properties and on water treatment quality for beverages productionOliynyk, Svitlana; Melnyk, Lyudmila; Samchenko, Iryna; Tkachuk, Nataliia; Loginova, Olga; Kisterska, Ludmyla
2013Methods of recovering schungite’s adsorptive properties after processing red beet juiceMelnyk, Lyudmila; Melnyk, Zinoviy; Krivorotko, Volodimir
2013Microbiological, Physico-Chemical and Organoleptic Parameters of Apple Juice, Processed by ShungiteMelnyk, Lyudmila; Bessarab, Alexander; Matko, Svetlana
2013Physico-chemical and organkleptic properties of red beet juice purified by shungiteMelnyk, Lyudmila; Krivorotko, Volodimir; Melnyk, Zinoviy
2012Problems of economic development in UkraineMelnyk, Lyudmila; Trygub, Inna
2013Recovering adsorptive properties of schungite after processing red beet juiceMelnyk, Lyudmila; Melnyk, Zinoviy
2012Researching antiseptic properties of shungite when producing red beet juiceMelnyk, Lyudmila; Tkachuk, Nataliia; Melnyk, Zinoviy
2013Researching of microbiological parameters of apple juice, processed by shungiteMelnyk, Lyudmila; Matko, Svetlana; Shevchenko, Oleksandr
2004Using paligorskit for purifying the aqueous-alcoholic solutionsMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Lyudmila
2010Utilization of shungite forimproving quality and safety of juicesMelnyk, Lyudmila; Sheiko, Tamila
2014Water-alcohol adsorbing cleaning out of higher alcohols by shungiteMelnyk, Lyudmila; Turchun, Oleg; Tkachuk, Nataliia; Kuts, Anatoly; Melnyk, Zinoviy