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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Anomalous properties in aqueous solutions of polysaccharidesMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Oksana; Bakhmach, Vladimir
2021Application of the Inverse Chronopotentiometry Method to Control the Content of Toxic Elements in Refining ProductionMelnyk, Oksana; Galimova, V.; Radzievska, Irina; Marynin, Andriy
2020Efficiency of gas chromatographic analysis of terpens and terpenoids of sources of aromatic substances, taking into account the polarity of the stationary phaseFrolova, Natalia; Ukrainets, Anatoliy; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Melnyk, Oksana; Ustymenko, Ihor
2011Features of the formation of hydrogen bonds in solutions of polysaccharides during their use in various industrial processesMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Oksana
2018Investigation of vegetable oils to oxidative degradation of varying degrees of saturation with tocopherolMelnyk, Oksana; Radzievska, Irina; Galenko, Oleg; Peshuk, Ludmila
2013Kinetics of oxidation of fatty foods as the main indicator of their qualityRadzievska, Irina; Melnyk, Oksana
2012Nanocomposites based on natural polysacchride and clay mineralsMank, Valeriy; Tochkova, Oksana; Melnyk, Oksana
2021-04Research of the rheological properties of water variances of polysaccharidesTochkova, Oksana; Gagan, Inna; Melnyk, Oksana
2017Technological properties of the powder made from jerusalem artichoke obtained by the method of drying with mixed heat supplyNiemirich, Oleksandra; Melnyk, Oksana; Petrusha, Oksana; Havrysh, Andrey; Koval, Olga V.
2012The use of starch with the addition of glauconite to create nanocomposite packaging materialsMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Oksana
2020Using of plant raw materials in the production of preventive yogurtsMelnyk, Oksana; Kiiko, Victoriia; Zolotoverh (Kurpilianska), Kateryna; Ianchyk, Mariia