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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of the market for delicatessen meat productsGuralevich, Anna; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Hashchuk, Oleksandra; Morozov, Vadim
2020Canned meat market analysisfor babyfoodGuralevich, Anna; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Haschuk, Olexandra
2020Development of special purpose sausage recipes based on blood processed productsHaschuk, Olexandra; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Guralevich, Anna
2021Improvement of sausage products technology using protein-fat emulsion based on chicken fatPasichnyi, Vasyl; Hashchuk, Oleksandra; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Guralevich, Anna
2013Innovative model of meat products using mushroom raw materials industrial productionHashchuk, Oleksandra; Peshuk, Ludmila; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Chernyushok, Olga
2018Investigation of Nutrients Properties of Meat Pastes Using Vegetative Raw MaterialsMoskaluyk, Oksana; Hashchuk, Oleksandra; Peshuk, Ludmila; Sineok, Liudmyla; Galenko, Oleg
2018Investigation of thermal and technological characteristics of new meat pastes productionMoskaluyk, Oksana; Chernyushok, Olga; Fedorov, Vladimir; Kepko, Oleg; Zhurilo, Svitlana
2013Meat of turkeys, as an innovative product of the 21st centuryPeshuk, Ludmila; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Klushko, Maryna
2021Modeling of recipes of cut meat-containing semi-finished products from waterfowl meatGuralevich, Anna; Golovachko, Valery; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Hashchuk, Oleksandra
2018Production of canned meat for children's food in UkraineHashchuk, Oleksandra; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Verba, Natalia
2021Prospects for the use of waterfowl in the technology of meat productsGuralevich, Anna; Moskaluyk, Oksana; Hashchuk, Oleksandra
2018Study of safety parameters of meat patesMoskaluyk, Oksana; Hashchuk, Oleksandra; Peshuk, Ludmila; Lytvynenko, Daria
2018Study of the fatty acid composition of meat pastes for health and preventive purposesMoskaluyk, Oksana; Radzievska, Irina; Peshuk, Ludmila; Hashchuk, Oleksandra; Verba, Natalia