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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Determining the efficiency of using egg products for the stabilization of emulsion when making milk-containing curdsbased productsBelemets, Tatiana; Radzievska, Irina; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Kuzmyk, Uliana
2016Enriching fat component for cultured milk foods based on natural vegetable oilsYushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Radzievska, Irina; Belemets, Tatiana
2021Evaluation of oxidity resistance of milk-containing products based on blending of vegetable oilsBelemets, Tatiana; Radzievska, Irina; Tochkova, Oksana; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Kuzmyk, Uliana; Mykhalevych, Artur
2018Investigation of vegetable oils to oxidative degradation of varying degrees of saturation with tocopherolMelnyk, Oksana; Radzievska, Irina; Galenko, Oleg; Peshuk, Ludmila
2013Kinetics of oxidation of fatty foods as the main indicator of their qualityRadzievska, Irina; Melnyk, Oksana
2016Mathematical development program for calculation of fatty acid composition blend of vegetable oilsBelemets, Tatiana; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Lobok, Alexey; Radzievska, Irina; Polonskaya, Tatiana
2014Modeling composition of the mixed oils by blendingZholdosh, Maria; Shemanska, Evgenia; Radzievska, Irina
2016Optimization of composition of blend of natural vegetable oils for the production of milk-containing productsBelemets, Tatiana; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Lobok, Alexey; Radzievska, Irina; Polonskaya, Tatiana
2013Perspective sources of biological active fatty acids and their application in cosmetics technologyRadzievska, Irina; Lazarenko, Tatiana
2013Research of content biologically active components of oilsLazarenko, Tatiana; Radzievska, Irina; Gromova, Elena
2018Study of the fatty acid composition of meat pastes for health and preventive purposesMoskaluyk, Oksana; Radzievska, Irina; Peshuk, Ludmila; Hashchuk, Oleksandra; Verba, Natalia