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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Advantages of using proteins in the production of truncated semi-finished productsShevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna; Skochko, Alexey
2012Esential problems of development of meat sector in agriculture in UkraineKundeyeva, Galina; Shevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna; Topchiy, Oksana
2020Nature of water bonding in hydrated milk-protein systemsGoncharuk, Elena; Polishchuk, Galyna; Shevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana
2020Prospects of using the cryostabilising protein-polysaccharide composition to manufacture semi-finished chopped meat productsShevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna; Polishchuk, Galyna; Kotlyar, Eugene; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Skochko, Alexey
2020Research of functionaltechnological properties of the protein complex and natural color in the composition of restructured ham productsShevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna; Zhuk, Viktoriya; Polishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana
2021Structuring properties of transglutaminase in whitecontaining systemsShevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna; Polishchuk, Galyna; Nikishina, Tatiana
2019Studies of water freezing features in ice cream with starch syropPolishchuk, Galyna; Sharahmatova, Tetiana; Breus, Natalia; Bass, Oksana; Shevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna
2014The study of properties of a raw meat product during salting by brinesShevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna; Donets, Oleksandr V.; Kryzhova (Vengliyk), Julia
2018The use of food fibers in the production of truncated semi-finished productsSkochko, Alexey; Druhoveiko, Vladislav; Shevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna
2018Use of protein-carbohydrate compositions in the production of truncated semi­finished productsSkochko, Alexey; Haranovska, Viktoriya; Shevchenko (Kishenko), Iryna