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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Actual problems of management of production costsStrashynska, Larisa
2021Application of cognitive modelling for operation improvement of retail chain management systemDankeieva, Oksana; Solomyanyuk, Natalia; Strashynska, Larisa; Fiedotova, Nataliia; Soloviova, Yulia; Koval, Viktor
2018Consideration of consumer priorities at expenditure of domestic enterprises on external food marketsStrashynska, Larisa; Strashynskyi, Volodymyr
2020Domestic market of confectional products in the aspect of general world development trendsStrashynska, Larisa; Nуkonenko, Andrii
2014Features of marketing management on modern enterprisesStrashynska, Larisa; Bech, Yuliia
2020Implementation of international standards as way of ensuring the safety of food productsStrashynska, Larisa
2021Improvement of the regulatory legal basis of meat processing enterprises as a factor of product quality managementStrashynska, Larisa; Sheremet, Oleg
2019Long-range directions for strengthening the competitiveness of confectionery enterprises in UkrаineStrashynska, Larisa
2016Modern paradigm formation of advisory services information and consultation activityKalna-Dubiniuk, Tatiana; Strashynska, Larisa; Bolotina, Irina; Shapoval, Elena
2013Perspectives and priorities for foreign economic activity in agri-food industryStrashynska, Larisa; Bech, Bech
2013Priorities of environmental management in agriculture productionStrashynska, Larisa
2012Strategiс approach to marketing researchStrashynska, Larisa
2019Systematization of factors influencing competitiveness of food productsStrashynska, Larisa; Strashynskyi, Volodymyr
2013The main criteria for assessing the level of food security of a stateStrashynska, Larisa
2018The market of bread and bakery products of Ukraine: tendencies, problems and prospects of developmentStrashynska, Larisa
2019The usage of marketing approaches in the activities management of Ukrainian higher educational institutionsRomanovskyi, Оleksandr; Strashynska, Larisa; Bevzo, Halyna
2013Theoretical and methodological approach to determining the value of the consumerStrashynska, Larisa
2018Theoretical and methodological approaches to the classification of competitive strategies of enterprisesStrashynska, Larisa; Strashynskyi, Volodymyr