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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Determination methods of defrosted protein-vegetable mixtures parameters developmentTsygankov, Sergii; Ushkarenko, Viktor; Grek, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla; Popova, Inna Vadymivna; Chepel, Natalia; Onopriichuk, Olena; Savchenko, Alexander
2019Determination methods of food fibers characteristics in milk mixtures with the modified fat compositionGrek, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla; Tsygankov, Sergii; Savchenko, Alexander; Ovsiienko, Kira; Ochkolyas, Olena
2019Determination of amino acid composition and biological value in protein-berry concentratesGrek, Olena; Pshenychna, Tetyana; Onopriichuk, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla
2018Determination of biologically active substances in protein-berry concentratesGrek, Olena; Onopriichuk, Olena; Pshenychna, Tetyana; Tymchuk, Alla
2017Determination of moisture connection forms of protein-herbal clotsGrek, Olena; Onopriichuk, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla; Chubenko, Larysa
2018Determination of the radiation background and the degree of radioactive pollution of different objectsTymchuk, Alla; Slobodyan, Olga
2018Influence of collagen-containing ingredient on thermocoagulation of protein of whey concentrationGrek, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla; Ovsiienko, Kira; Mikhalevich, Artur
2020Methods for determining the characterization of mashes with fiber for semi-finished products on the milk-protein baseGrek, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla; Tsygankov, Sergii; Onopriichuk, Olena; Savchenko, Alexander; Ochkolyas, Olena
2018Methods of determination of parameters of fermented whey-malty mixturesTsygankov, Sergii; Ushkarenko, Viktor; Grek, Olena; Krasulya, Olena; Ushkarenko, Iuliia; Tymchuk, Alla; Onopriichuk, Olena; Savchenko, Alexander
2013Modern technologies of dairy protein productsGrek, Olena; Savchenko, Alexander; Krasulya, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla
2020Research of quality indicators in protein-blueberry concentratesGrek, Olena; Pshenychna, Tetyana; Tymchuk, Alla; Savchenko, Alexander; Ochkolyas, Olena
2017Research of quality indicators of curd products on basis of protein-herbal clotsGrek, Olena; Tymchuk, Alla; Chubenko, Larysa; Ovsiienko, Kira
2018The investigation of the potentional comlex from Plantago major to coagulate milk proteinsGrek, Olena; Krasulya, Olena; Chubenko, Larysa; Tymchuk, Alla
2016The role of colostrum in congenital immunityBorodina, Olga; Tymchuk, Alla; Lych (Tkachenko), Inna