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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Development of complex quantity assessment method of butter qualityNiemirich, Oleksandra; Kuzmin, Oleg; Vasheka, Oksana; Zychuk, Tetyana
2016Exploring the color of plant powders using computer colorimetryNiemirich, Oleksandra; Petrusha, Oksana; Vasheka, Oksana; Trofimchuk, Lyudmila; Myndrul, Natalia
2021Investigation of the effect dried food products on the properties of the butter mixture during storageVasheka, Oksana; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Frolova, Natalia; Ustymenko, Ihor; Havrysh, Andrey; Skyrda, Olena; Matyiashchuk, Olena; Fedak, Natalia; Hubenia, Vyacheslav; Lulka, Alexander
2015Investigation of the effect of vegetable powders into aqueous and oil phase in butter pasteVasheka, Oksana; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Petrusha, Oksana; Drozd, Natalia
2017Research of microstructure and redistribution of the moisture connection forms in the model systems of confectionery semi-finished product with banana powderIanchyk, Mariia; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Vasheka, Oksana; Yanchyk, Olena
2016Research the technological properties of powder of cabbage by mixed method of heat supplyNiemirich, Oleksandra; Petrusha, Oksana; Vasheka, Oksana; Havrysh, Andrey
2017Restoring and emulsifying properties of the dried meat semi-finished productNiemirich, Oleksandra; Pohozhykh, Mykola; Petrusha, Oksana; Havrysh, Andrey; Vasheka, Oksana
2011The Technology of Butter enriching with carrots powderRashevska, Tamara; Vasheka, Oksana
2011The technology of butters enriching with carrots powderRashevska, Tamara; Vasheka, Oksana
2013Water phase of butter fortified carrot powderIvanov, Sergey; Rashevska, Tamara; Vasheka, Oksana