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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The perspective of inulin use in butter industryRashevska, Tamara; Gulyy, Ivan; Bobrovnik, Leonid; Grinenko, I. A.
2013The perspectives of application of vitamin D in the technologies of production of bakery products with functional purposesBortnichuk, Oleg; Havrysh, Andrey; Dotsenko, Viktor; Povorozniuk, Vladislav
2014The planning of trade-marketing charges are on the enterprises of food industry in UkraineSolomyanyuk, Natalia
2015The portable tablets in the restaurantsMahaletska, Iryna; Chemen, Yuliia
2015The potential impacts of GM Crops. Оn the society state in the developing countriesPavlyukova, Yana; Strizhnova, Marianna
2018The Potential of Using Google Expeditions and Google Lens Tools under STEM-education in UkraineShapovalov, Yevhenii; Bilyk, Zhanna; Atamas, Artem; Shapovalov, Viktor
2015The power of youth travelTsyshek, Elena; Dovgun, Irina
2018The presence/absence concepts: one character analysisDuzhyk, Nataliia
2019The principles of applying multimedia technology in learning of foreign languagesStarkova, Olesia
2016The problems and prospects of meat production in UkraineKholod, Artem; Molozhon, Maria
2014The Problems of Institutional Constructions оf Business Space In UkraineBerezyanko, Tamara
2014The problems of management of raw materials and goods flow on the dairy enterprises of UkraineLysenko (Zvyozdochkina), Elena
2013The problems of technological monitoring in the control of industrial enterpriseKyshenko, Vasil
2013The problems of the functioning of agroholdings in UkraineKovalchuk, Inna
2018The process of attraction of foreign direct investment in the economy of the countryGutkevich, Svetlana; Riabenko, Vladyslav
2012The pronlem of finding adjuvants for the construction anticancer vaccines based on chick embrionic proteinsBabiy, O.; Gregirchak, Natalia; Shpak, E.
2012The prospect for the use of biopolymers for controlling nanostructure and functional properties of butterRashevska, Tamara
2006The prospects of using bacteria of the genus Rhodococcus and microbial surfactants for the degradation of oil pollutantsVildanova-Marcishin, R.; Karpenko, Elena; Shcheglova, N.; Pirog, Tatiana; Voloshina, Iryna
2012The psychological analysis of cognitive, emotive and behavioral interventions of REBTBozhok, Natalia
2011The psychological aspects of low frustration tolerance in the student’s ageBozhok, Natalia