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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Parc hôtelierPopenko, Eugene
2019Partial solutions of a system of Euler equationsYuryk, Ivan
1998Pectin's influence on the forming of the butter structureRashevska, Tamara
2008Peculiarities of C2-Metabolism and Intensification of the Synthesis of Surface-Active Substances in Rhodococcus erythropolis EK-1 Grown in EthanolPirog, Tatiana; Korzh, Yuliya; Shevchuk, Tetiana; Tarasenko, D.
2017Peculiarities of communicative language teachingYurchuk, Lyudmila; Yanenko, Larisa
2015Peculiarities of communicative language teachingYurchuk, Lyudmila
2002Peculiarities of ethanol metabolism in an Acinetobacter sp. Mutant strain defective in exopolysaccharide synthesisPirog, Tatiana; Sokolov, I.; Kuzminska, Yu.; Malashenko, Yuri
2020Peculiarities of monitoring methods of technical status of control objects based on artificial intellectTur, Ivan; Bozhok, Natalia
2001Peculiarities of positron annihilation with electrons in the vicinity of nanovoids in amorphous and crystalline triglyceridesRashevska, Tamara; Gulyy, Ivan; Nischenko, Michael; Lihtorovich, Stanislav
2018Peculiarities of removal of natural water microcomponents within the process of membrane desalination (the cases of arsenic, boron, and manganese)Melnyk, Lyudmyla
2020Peculiarities of the motion of the pseudorelativistic Dirac quasiparticles in the alpha-T3 model with the step-like barrierKorol, Anatoliy; Medved, Nataliya
2019Peculiarities of translating economic terms from English into UkrainianBebko, Svitlana
2002Peculiarities of values commodity controlArtyukh, Tatiana; Indutny, Vladimir; Tyutchenko, E.
1997Peculiarity of disperse mineral wetting by sucrose solutionMank, Valeriy; Stetsenko, Natalia
2012Pedagogical Basics of Using Computers in Foreign Language LearningCherednichenko, Galina; Kovalchuk, Olga
2013PektinLysyi, Alexandr
2015Penicillin tactics revealed by scientistsZaloznyi, Rostislav; Strizhnova, Marianna
2013Perfection of equipment for improvement of rusk waresTelychkun, Yuliia; Telychkun, Volodymyr; Kravchenko, Alexander
2014Perfection of equipment for improvement of dough semi finishedKravchenko, Alexander; Telychkun, Yuliia; Telychkun, Volodymyr
2013Performance evaluation of the assortment and nomenclature of goods of the enterpriseKrainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga; Belova, Tatyana; Kiporuk, A.