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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Radiiation exposure and food safetySlobodyan, Olga; Neshchadym, Larisa; Zaets, Vira
2002Raman-спектри модифікованих крохмалівГрабовська, Олена Вячеславівна; Клімович, В. М.; Штангеєва, Надія Іванівна; Українець, Анатолій Іванович; Качковський, О. О.
2018Rankings as a tool for monitoring the quality of higher educationBebko, Svitlana
2014Rape seeds as a source of feed and food proteinNosenko, Tamara; Kot, Tatiana; Kishchenko, Vladimir
2013Rational assortment portfolio in accordance to the food securitySkopenko, Natalia; Sakhnenko (Tikhonova), Anastasia
2017Rational form of semi-finished vegetables and device for slicing themParenuk, Irina; Lulka, Alexander; Polevik, Vladimir
2014Rational use of the collagenPeshuk, Ludmila; Galenko, Oleg; Budnyk, Nina
2019Rationale for the choice of strategy positioning for businessDatsyuk, O.; Belova, Tatyana
2015Rationale mode operating of mechanism for compacting bulk products in carton box in automatic packaging machinesDerenivska, Anastasia; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplyas-Volodina, Lyudmila
2013Raw material analysis for flour confectionery production of special purpose for people suffering from celiac disease and diabetes mellitusZuiko (Kulinich), Vira
2014Re-branding as the need for business successKostyuchenko, Nadiya
1995Reaction of lead halides with 18-crown-6 and dicyclohexano-18crown-6: Solvent extraction, synthesis and crystal structure of [Pb(18-crown-6)I2]Nazarenko, Alexander; Kronikovskii, Oleg; Fonari, M.; Kravtsov, Viktor; Simonov, Yuriy; Malinovski, Tadeush
2006Reaction of analogs of natural isoflavonoids with amidinesFrasinyuk, Mihaylo; Bondarenko, Svetlana; Khilya, Volodimir
2013Reactive power compensation in the combined system of sugar refinery electricityShesterenko, Vladimir; Sydorchuk, Iryna
2018Realization of an optimum mode of formation of a dose of liquid production by weight metodMykhailyk, Borys; Gavva, Oleksandr M.
2015Reasons for wine tourism in BulgariaPereviazko, M.; Veres, Ekaterina
2013Recovering adsorptive properties of schungite after processing red beet juiceMelnyk, Lyudmila; Melnyk, Zinoviy
2013Rectification of bioethanol in guided cycles modeIvanov, Sergey; Shiyan, Peter; Buliy, Yuri; Kuts, Anatoly
2015Red and white meatLytvynenko, Daria; Kolomiiets, Alina
1997Reduction and some exact solutions of the multidimensional Liouville equationYuryk, Ivan