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dc.contributor.authorZavialov, Volodymyr-
dc.contributor.authorBodrov, Viktor-
dc.contributor.authorZaporozhets, Yuliia-
dc.contributor.authorMysiura, Taras-
dc.contributor.authorPopova, Nataliia-
dc.contributor.authorDekanskiy, Vadim-
dc.identifier.citationExtractors with vibratory mixing devices and Prospects of their use in the food industry / V. Zavialov , V. Bodrov, Yu. Zaporozhets and other // National Academy of Packaging University of Food Technologies Department Machines and Apparatus for Food Industry. – Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2012. – P. 89–92.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe low efficiency of the existing technologies for the extraction of desired components from vegetable raw materials with a high degree of milling is due to the imperfection of extraction equipment. Though the designs of modern periodic and continuous extractors are fairly diversified, there exist common disadvantages caused by the insignificant porosity of fine-fraction vegetable raw materials or the mass prepared from them for counterflow continuous extraction, their poor transportability, densification, and, as a result, the low permeability for the extractant. It has been established that vibratory extractors are most promising in this respect. In the present work, we present results of investigations of the intensifying action of low-frequency mechanical vibrations on the extraction process of desired components from vegetable raw materials under conditions of continuous vibration extraction. For industry, we propose a new design of a periodical and a continuous apparatus with vibratory mixing devices.uk_UA
dc.subjectvibratory extractionuk_UA
dc.subjectmathematical modelinguk_UA
dc.subjectintensification mass transferuk_UA
dc.subjectvegetable raw materialuk_UA
dc.subjecthydrodynamic flowuk_UA
dc.subjectматематическое моделированиеuk_UA
dc.subjectинтенсификация масообменаuk_UA
dc.subjectрастительное сырьеuk_UA
dc.subjectгидродинамический потокuk_UA
dc.subjectматематичне моделюванняuk_UA
dc.subjectінтенсифікація масообмінуuk_UA
dc.subjectрослинна сировинаuk_UA
dc.subjectгідродинамічний потікuk_UA
dc.subjectкафедра експертизи харчових продуктів-
dc.subjectкафедра процесів і апаратів харчових виробництв-
dc.titleExtractors with vibratory mixing devices and prospects of their use in the food industryuk_UA
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