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Title: Synthesis of Fused Heterocyclic Systems Based on 4-Chloromethylcoumarins
Authors: Bondarenko, Svetlana
Frasinyuk, Mihaylo
Keywords: 4-хлорометилкумарин
6H-хромено[3,4-c]піридо[3',2':4,5]тієно[2,3-e]піридазин-6-oн 4-сhloromethylcoumarin
кафедра харчової хімії
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Bondarenko, S. Synthesis of Fused Heterocyclic Systems Based on 4-Chloromethylcoumarins / S. Bondarnko, M. Frasinyuk // Advances in the Chemistry of Heteroorganic Compounds : XVII International Symposium on Selected Problems of Chemistry of Acyclic and Cyclic Heteroorganic Compounds, Łódź, 23-24 November 2017. - P – 051.
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