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dc.contributor.authorFursik, Oksana-
dc.contributor.authorStrashynskyi, Igor-
dc.contributor.authorPasichyi, Vasyl-
dc.identifier.citationFursik, О. Deficiency of proteins and ways its solution / O. Fursik, I. Strashynskiy, V. Pasichnyi // Youth scientific achievements to the 21st century nutrition problem solution: 85 Anniversary International scientific conference of young scientist and students, 11–12 April 2019 р. – К : NUFT, 2019. – P. 1. – C. 339.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractConsumption the required amount of protein is a fundamental factor in human health. The protein needs can be met by the complex consumption of animal and plant foods. The obtained data on the study of the amino acid composition show that the use of the functional composition containing protein increases the amount of essential amino acids of the experimental cooked sausages to the established level in accordance with the needs of the person and balances them, as evidenced by the criterion of the imbalance amino acid composition.uk_UA
dc.subjectкафедра технології м’яса і м’ясних продуктівuk_UA
dc.subjectamino acid compositionuk_UA
dc.subjectbiological valueuk_UA
dc.subjectfunctional composition containing proteinuk_UA
dc.subjectcooked sausagesuk_UA
dc.subjectамінокислотний складuk_UA
dc.subjectбіологічна цінністьuk_UA
dc.subjectбілоквмісна функціональна композиціяuk_UA
dc.subjectварені ковбасиuk_UA
dc.titleDeficiency of proteins and ways its solutionuk_UA
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