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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Consumer markets as a way to maintain the competitiveness of enterprisesBogdanovich, Ludmila; Kovalchuk, Olga
2014Current state of the alcohol industry in UkrainePivchuk, Yulia; Kovalchuk, Olga
2013Electronic multilingual terminological dictionary in teaching business languagesKovalchuk, Olga
2015Factors affecting competitivness of companiesKovalchuk, Olga; Trygub, Inna
2014How to make an effective logoShylo, Lela; Kovalchuk, Olga
2013Intercultural matters of teaching Business EnglishKovalchuk, Olga
2014Labor marketKovalchuk, Olga
2014Management of Working Capital as a Part of Financial ManagementKulbach, Julia; Kovalchuk, Olga
2014Marketing product positioningBorschevska, Yulia; Kovalchuk, Olga
2014Monetary policy as a part of financial policy of the stateKulbach, Julia; Kovalchuk, Olga
2014National Bank of Ukraine as the Subject of A State Financial MonitoringKazansky, Maxim; Kovalchuk, Olga
2013Online testing, current issues and future trendsKovalchuk, Olga
2016Overcoming difficulties in teaching english for food technologyKovalchuk, Olga
2012Pedagogical Basics of Using Computers in Foreign Language LearningCherednichenko, Galina; Kovalchuk, Olga
2014Social and economic efficiency of functioning of enterprise tradeGribovich, Lina; Kovalchuk, Olga
2012Teaching business english: an overview of strategiesKovalchuk, Olga
2012The characteristics of the Language of businessKovalchuk, Olga
2014The development and use of electronic multilingual terminological dictionaryKovalchuk, Olga
2013The development and use of electronic multilingual terminological dictionary for teaching business languagesKovalchuk, Olga
2013The development of electronic multilingual terminological dictionary for teaching business languages at National University of Food TechnologiesKovalchuk, Olga; Ковальчук, Ольга Сергіївна