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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Biotechnology and food safetyMartynuk, Anton; Lukianets, Halyna
2022Credibility effect in online news: media-rhetoric perspective (based on color terms use)Lukianets, Halyna
2013Current approaches to the technology of bakery products made from frozen prepared foodRohliev, Iosif; Havrysh, Andrey; Dotsenko, Viktor; Lukianets, Halyna
2019Development of sauces for long-term storageKhorunzha, Тetiana; Lukianets, Halyna
2023Development of special purpose fruit and berry marmaladeLutsenko, Valeria; Goyko, Iryna; Lukianets, Halyna
2019Ecological problems in production of ethanol from starch-based raw materialsMarushchak, Herman; Lukianets, Halyna
2016Essential contribution of omega-3 fatty acidsMolodid, Tetiana; Lukianets, Halyna
2016Food biotechnology in modern lifeKravchenko, Serhii; Lukianets, Halyna
2022Food fraud vulnerability as an urgent problem on Ukrainian food marketMykhalevych, Artur; Lukianets, Halyna
2017Food waste issueHorbenko, Oleksandr; Lukianets, Halyna
2019Functioning of colour terms in Ukrainian and English literary texts : similes and synaesthesiaLukianets, Halyna
2020Global communication competence: a framework of intercultural skills development in sport and tourism higher educationLukianets, Halyna; Lukianets, Tatiana
2013Hospitality industry: integrating innovationsNarezhna, Valeria; Lukianets, Halyna
2012Innovations in ukrainian hospitality industryLukianets, Halyna
2020Metaphorization of the color Green in English and Ukrainian online discourseLukianets, Halyna
2023Methodology of criterion analysis and synthesis of dosing and packaging modules for bulk productionGavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla; Lukianets, Halyna
2020Multiple semantics of black and white in online fashion discourse (based on Сhanel fashion stories)Lukianets, Halyna
2022Needs and emotions creating strong customer’s motivation in tourismLukianets, Halyna
2016Omega-3 deficienciesPyhachov, Sviatislav; Lukianets, Halyna
2013Professional English for CommunicationSmirnova, Elizabeth; Mykhailova, Nelia; Chala, Kateryna; Yurchuk, Lyudmila; Kokhan, Olena M.; Yanenko, Larisa; Lukianets, Halyna; Rusakova, Anna; Boyko, Anna; Tkachenko, Nataliya