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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The efficiency of oxidative deterioration stabilization of meat-containing products w ith balanced of fatty acid compositionBozhko, Nataliia; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Marynin, Andriy; Tischenko, Vasyl; Strashynskyi, Igor; Kyselov, Oleksandr
2021The definition of the emulsion stability of psyllium cellular tissueStrashynskyi, Igor; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Grechko, Victoria
2021The quality characteristics of sausage prepared from different ratios of fish and duck meatBozhko, Nataliia; Tischenko, Vasyl; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Shubina, Yevgenia; Kyselov, Oleksandr; Marynin, Andriy; Strashynskyi, Igor
2020The research of the emulgating ability of the chia seeds meal pellets and psyllium cellular tissue and the endurance of the emulsions based on themKrepak, Victoria; Strashynskyi, Igor; Pasichnyi, Vasyl
2017The study of electrophysical processing impact on the amino - acid composition of whole milkSviatnenko, Roman; Marynin, Andriy; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana
2016The study of properties of minces in boiled sausage with functional food composition useStrashynskyi, Igor; Fursik, Oksana; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Marynin, Andriy; Goncharov, Georgi
2021The study of the abiloity of soy isolates of different trademarks to interact with water moleculesFursik, Oksana; Bandura (Kuzmyk), Uliana; Sviatnenko, Roman; Marynin, Andriy; Strashynskyi, Igor; Pasichnyi, Vasyl
2013The theory of variational modeling the quality of meat and meat containing productsPasichnyi, Vasyl; Ivanov, Sergey; Guts, Viktor
2013The use of nanotechnology for surface protection ofmeat productsIvanov, Sergey; Strashynskyi, Igor; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Olishevskyi, Valentyn; Marynin, Andriy; Zakharevych, Valeriy
2015The use of polimers ascarriers in encapsulation of spice oleoresinsPasichnyi, Vasyl; Khomenko, Yulia; Polumbryk, Oleg
2013Use of mineral additives in the production of meat productsIvanov, Sergey; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Olishevskyi, Valentyn; Marynin, Andriy; Tymoshenko (Kremeshna), Irina
2020Working out a recipe of meatloaves with addition of oleoresinsKholod, Artem; Pasichnyi, Vasyl