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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Chlorophyll content and antioxidant activity of sunflower oil with aromatic raw materialsUsatyuk, Svitlana; Pelekhova, Lyubov
2019Comparative study of walnut and pumpkin seeds oils biological value and oxidative stabilityNosenko, Tamara; Korolyuk, Tamara; Usatyuk, Svitlana; Vovk, Hanna O.; Kostinova, Tetiana
2016Development of HACCP system for production of natural dry red wineUsatyuk, Svitlana; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena; Klymash, Nataliia
2016Effects of bamboo dietary fibre on meat semi-finished productsRudyk, Viktor; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena; Usatyuk, Svitlana
2015Health benefits of almond milkSavchuk, Yurii; Usatyuk, Svitlana; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2013Legislation on food additives in the EU and UkraineUsatyuk, Svitlana; Ivanov, Sergey
2013Methods of detection of olive oil adulterationZadkova, Alexandra; Usatyuk, Svitlana; Korolyuk, Tamara
2013Pumpkin seed pre-treatment prior to cold pressing to enhance oil extraction efficiencyDerbygova, Galina; Smirnova, Elizabeth; Mank, Valeriy; Usatyuk, Svitlana
2013Research of total antioxidant activity of vegetable oilsUsatyuk, Svitlana; Pelekhova, Lyubov
2021Study of the effect of electromagnetic field and radiation on the intensification of brewing processesSidor, Vasyl; Usatyuk, Svitlana; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena; Baranovska, Iryna
2012Walnut uhf-treatment influence on oil lipid fraction fatty acid compositionDerbygova, Galina; Usatyuk, Svitlana; Korolyuk, Tamara