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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Actual problems of computer-assisted language learning application in the process of learning foreign languages in higher educational establishments of UkraineCherednichenko, Galina; Shapran, Ludmila; Kunytsia, Lyudmila
2011Actual problems of studying of economic theory at higher educational establishmentsKundeyeva, Galina; Cherednichenko, Galina
2015Automated control of the evaporator station at the sugar refinery plant with algorithms of diagnosticsSych, Maryna; Cherednichenko, Galina
2014Business and professional foreign language acquisition through electronic multilingual terminological dictionaryCherednichenko, Galina; Kovalchuk, Olga
2013Business correspondence and communication at workShapran, Ludmila; Cherednichenko, Galina; Kunytsia, Lyudmila
2014Concern about food safetyCherednichenko, Galina
2013Distance learning: methodics, potential, avantages and disadvantagesCherednichenko, Galina; Shapran, Ludmila; Чередніченко, Галина Анатоліївна; Шапран, Людмила Юліївна
2012E-recruiting - online options for attracting talentMokina, Sophia; Cherednichenko, Galina
2012Edutainment and foreign languages teachingCherednichenko, Galina; Klimova, Olena
2015Effective Control over the Evaporation Station of Sugar FactoryShkolna, Olena; Cherednichenko, Galina
2011Efficiency and importance of dairy enterprisesPenchuk, Anna; Cherednichenko, Galina
2015Foreign languages as a prerequisite of a company’s competitiveness on a global marketCherednichenko, Galina
2011Formation of patriotic outlook of students while teaching technical subjectsBashta, Anatoliy; Cherednichenko, Galina
2013Forming creative abilities of future teachers in professional trainingShapran, Ludmila; Cherednichenko, Galina
2011Forming patriotic awareness of students in the process of teaching engineering and technical disciplinesBashta, Anatoliy; Cherednichenko, Galina
2016Genetic algorithm for multi objective optimizationPolupan, Vladimir; Cherednichenko, Galina
2016Genetic algorithm in optimization tasksPolupan, Vladimir; Cherednichenko, Galina
2007How technology can help in teaching listeningCherednichenko, Galina; Kunytsia, Lyudmila; Shapran, Ludmila
2013How to use Internet resources in a foreign language teachingCherednichenko, Galina; Nikitenko, Olga
2015Individual approach to student’s computer-aided learningCherednichenko, Galina; Shkolna, Olena