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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Citrates of mineral substances in the technological process of manufacturing bakery productsShevchenko, Anastasiia; Galenko, Oleg
2022Conformational Changes in the Structure of Dough and Bread Enriched with Pumpkin Seed FlourLitvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Galenko, Oleg; Cavicchi, Alessio; Ceccanti, Costanza; Mignani, Chiara; Guidi, Lucia; Shevchenko, Anastasiia
2019Efficiency of using the animal protein complex in the technology of cooked sausagePeshuk, Ludmila; Gorbach, Olexandr; Galenko, Oleg; Vovk, Larysa
2019Gerodietic meat products technologyGalenko, Oleg
2011Gerodietic meat products technology enriched with calcium and phosphorusPeshuk, Ludmila; Budnyk, Nina; Galenko, Oleg
2014Gerodietіс meat products technoljgy enriched with calciumPeshuk, Ludmila; Galenko, Oleg; Korshnivska, О.
2020Herodietic products from chicken meatGalenko, Oleg; Holovachko, Valerii
2020Impact of washing solutions on chemical composition and physicochemical properties of surimi-like mechanically deboned turkey meatGalenko, Oleg; Schuler, Svitlana; Bezpalko, Vadym; Ostap Gasyuk
2017Implementing of technologies of meat products for special nutrionHaranovska, Viktoriya; Galenko, Oleg
2018Improving the technology o f cooked sausages using protein-mineralhydrocarbon additivePeshuk, Ludmila; Gorbach, Olexandr; Galenko, Oleg
2020Increasing the nutrition of meat products using non-traditional raw materialsGalenko, Oleg; Gasyk, Ostap
2018Influence of thermal processing by steam convector of the pickled game meatPeshuk, Ludmila; Gorbach, Olexandr; Galenko, Oleg; Budnyk, Nina
2018Investigation of Nutrients Properties of Meat Pastes Using Vegetative Raw MaterialsMoskaluyk, Oksana; Hashchuk, Oleksandra; Peshuk, Ludmila; Sineok, Liudmyla; Galenko, Oleg
2018Investigation of vegetable oils to oxidative degradation of varying degrees of saturation with tocopherolMelnyk, Oksana; Radzievska, Irina; Galenko, Oleg; Peshuk, Ludmila
2020Meat pies with superfoods linen flourGalenko, Oleg; Golovachko, Valery
2019Meat products for obese peopleGalenko, Oleg
2017Meat products for people with intensive physical on example of climbersBohun, Vladimir; Galenko, Oleg
2019Microscopic examination of chops with content of lentil flourSimponova, Irina; Peshuk, Ludmila; Galenko, Oleg
2016Mеat products for nutrition of people with the overweight of body – pandemia pf XXI centurePeshuk, Ludmila; Galenko, Oleg; Androsova, Anastasia; Bohun, Vladimir
2021Promising domestic raw materials for use in meat productsGalenko, Oleg; Shapovalov, Vladyslav