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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of hotels with cinemaPisarieva, Olena; Holikova, Tatiana
2009Applying of enzymatic additive as improver of macaroni products from wheat flourVoloshchuk, Galina; Kirieieva, Catherine; Yurchak, Vera; Palyvoda, Svetlana; Holikova, Tatiana
2015Creating of healthy cinema barPisarieva, Olena; Holikova, Tatiana
2011Effect of gums influence on the quality of bread made with flour of poor technological propertiesPalyvoda, Svetlana; Yurchak, Vera; Holikova, Tatiana
2017Effect of plant protein isolates on the structural – mechanical properties of wheat doughMakhynko, Valeriy; Drobot, Vira; Holikova, Tatiana
2017Effect of structure forming additives on the of water bond forms in gluten-free macaroni dough made from corn flourRozhno, Oleksandr; Yurchak, Vera; Holikova, Tatiana
2013Improvement of the egg macaroni products qualityHolikova, Tatiana; Yurchak, Vera; Voloshchuk, Galina; Kokhan, Olena M.
2015Research of functional properties of macaroni products enrichrd with berries raw materialVoloshchuk, Galina; Holikova, Tatiana
2009Research of gums influence on water state in macaroni doughPalyvoda, Svetlana; Yurchak, Vera; Holikova, Tatiana; Voloshchuk, Galina
2016Research on technological properties of potato cellulose for bread productionSilchuk, Tatiana; Nazar, Mariana; Holikova, Tatiana
2013Study of the mechanism of the retarding effect by using natural gumsPalyvoda, Svetlana; Yurchak, Vera; Holikova, Tatiana; Fomenko, Venіamіn
2008The impact of gum additives on the process of dough forming and quality of macaroni productsYurchak, Vera; Palyvoda, Svetlana; Holikova, Tatiana
2016The refinement of technology of macaroni products enriched with whortleberryHolikova, Tatiana; Babich, Oksana
2006The researching of technological parameters of pasta producing with quality improverYurchak, Vera; Holikova, Tatiana; Verbiy, Victor
2015Thermal springs of transcarpathiaKarpchuk, Valeria; Holikova, Tatiana
2014Using of Marinades in Cooking Technologies of Main-Course DishesTatsenko, Olexiy; Holikova, Tatiana; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2017Water bond forms in the dough and sorbtion properties of gluten-free macaroni products made from corn flourRozhno, Oleksandr; Yurchak, Vera; Holikova, Tatiana