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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Achieving cultural acquiescence through foreign language e-learningMykhailova, Nelia
2017Artificial Neural Network (ANN) research in the hospitality and tourism industryPrimachenko, Antonina; Mykhailova, Nelia
2017Biometric door locksKoshovyi, Jaroslav; Mykhailova, Nelia
2013Confectionery technology for patients with diabetes and celiac diseaseDorohovich, Victoriya; Lazorenko, Natalia; Mykhailova, Nelia
2014Creative learningMykhailova, Nelia; Kokhan, Olena M.
2012Different Approaches To The CommunicationKokhan, Olena M.; Mykhailova, Nelia
2017Energy-saving technology in the hospitality industryBuy, Lilia; Mykhailova, Nelia
2014English for tourism and catering : coursebookSmirnova, Elizabeth; Mykhailova, Nelia; Kokhan, Olena M.; Yurchuk, Lyudmila; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2015Enotourism is a dynamic phenomenon in the global spaceVasylchuk, Olga; Mykhailova, Nelia
2015Enotourism is a relatively new form of tourismStepaniuk, Valentyn; Mykhailova, Nelia
2015Food Technologies: the factory of the futureMishutin, Sergey; Mykhailova, Nelia
2015Genetic engineering-core of modern medicineMatvienko, Yana; Sivoraksha, Khristina; Mykhailova, Nelia
2012How to Learn : from different cultural backgroundsKokhan, Olena M.; Mykhailova, Nelia
2015Innovation in biotechnologyBodnar, Oksana; Mykhailova, Nelia
2017Innovation in tourismGuba, Mykhailo; Mykhailova, Nelia
2017Innovations in Iron Fortification TechnologiesKolodiazhyi, Vlad; Mykhailova, Nelia
2016Innovations in tourism industryGuba, Mykhailo; Mykhailova, Nelia
2015Innovative industrial baking technologiesNarodovska, Oksana; Mykhailova, Nelia
2017Innovative technologies in hotelsGalashevska, Viktoriya; Mykhailova, Nelia
2017Innovative technologies in tourism industryVodotyets, Victoria; Mykhailova, Nelia