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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An Endeavor of Freedom: Modern Anthologies of Ukrainian Free VerseNaumenko, Nataliia
2021-04Antioxidant effectiveness of plant culturesSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia
2014Avicenna and his Canon of Medical Science: reconstructing the basic principles of rational nutritionVishnyakov, Konstantin; Naumenko, Nataliia
2012Biological value of aronia berriesSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia; Kaminska (Halapsina), Svitlana
2022Biological value of proteins of cultivated mushroomSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia
2021Concept Sphere of ‘Young Poland’ Free Verse Writing in Critical and Artistic DimensionsNaumenko, Nataliia
2016Designing the technology of pastous milk-containing foodstuffs for the diets of military personnelPolishchuk, Galyna; Simahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia; Ustymenko, Ihor
2014Estimation the quality of wild plant raw for production of healthy foodSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia
2010Fantastic Binomial, the Conceptual Image-making Method for Contemporary Free VerseNaumenko, Nataliia
2016Fruit and berry composition in dairy products for military personnelSimahina, Galina; Kaminska (Halapsina), Svitlana; Bashta (Sheremet), Alla; Naumenko, Nataliia
2019Infinità e definità di forma libera nella poesia ucrainaNaumenko, Nataliia
2012Linguistic game elements in food advertisingNaumenko, Nataliia; Stelmakh, R.
2013Low temperatures in food technologiesSimahina, Galina; Stetsenko, Natalia; Naumenko, Nataliia
2023Narrative Polyphony Of Sting’s Album “Ten Summoner’s Tales” (1993)Naumenko, Nataliia
2022Nutritional and biological value of dried champignon powdersSimahina, Galina; Naumenko, Nataliia; Bazhay-Zhezherun, Svitlana; Kaminska (Halapsina), Svitlana
2012On "Literary mastery" as an esthetic categoryNaumenko, Nataliia
2020Onomatopoeias of contemporary Ukrainian poetry in the aspect of artistic synthesisNaumenko, Nataliia
2023Perception of the animated movies n teaching and learning English for Specific Purposes (based on the ESP course for the biotechnology students)Naumenko, Nataliia
2013Proving the choice of curative plants for obtaining antioxidant complexesSimahina, Galina; Stetsenko, Natalia; Naumenko, Nataliia
2019Qualitative indicators of grain flakes of functional purposeBazhay-Zhezherun, Svitlana; Simahina, Galina; Bereza-Kіndzerska, Ludmila; Naumenko, Nataliia