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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Comparison of biogas production from chicken manure in the mesophilic and thermophilic modesSalyuk, Anatoly; Zhadan, Sergiy; Shapovalov, Yevhenii
2013Disposial of chiken manure by methane fermentationSalyuk, Anatoly; Zhadan, Sergiy; Shapovalov, Yevhenii
2015Methane fermentation of chicken manure at mesophilic conditionsZhadan, Sergiy; Shapovalov, Yevhenii; Patrick, Ngogang; Salyuk, Anatoly; Yakymenko, Igor
2018Ontology-Based Systemizing of the Science Information Devoted to Waste Utilizing by MethanogenesisShapovalov, Yevhenii; Shapovalov, Viktor; Stryzhak, O.; Salyuk, Anatoly
2013The effect of glycine on the growth of the miscroalgae spirulina platensisKotynskyy, Andriy; Salyuk, Anatoly
2018The influence of exogenous glycine on growth and cyanobacteria Spirulina рlatensis (Gom.). Geitl photosynthetic processesKotynskyy, Andriy; Salyuk, Anatoly; Zhadan, Sergiy
2019The Reaserch of Dry Chicken Manure Methanogenesis StabilityShapovalov, Yevhenii; Salyuk, Anatoly; Kotynskyy, Andriy; Tarasenko, Roman
2015Thermophilic methane fermentation of chicken manure in a wide range of substrate moisture contentsSalyuk, Anatoly; Zhadan, Sergiy; Shapovalov, Yevhenii
2021Trends and expected benefits of the breaking edge food technologies in 2021–2030Ivanov, Volodymyr M.; Shevchenko, Oleksandr; Marynin, Andriy; Stabnikov, Victor; Stabnikova, Elena; Gubenia, Oleksii; Shevchenko, Anastasiia; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Salyuk, Anatoly