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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Philosophy of marketing in the development of milk proccesing enterprises in UkraineChubenko, Larysa; Mykhalevych, Artur; Sapigа, Victoria; Kitov, Nicholay
2019Prospects for the use secondary raw materials in acidophilic ice cream technology withing the framework of sustainable food productionMykhalevych, Artur; Sapigа, Victoria; Polishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana
2019Research of Milk-Protein Concentrates and Fruit Vegetable Puree Surface Activity in the Ice Cream CompositionPolishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Bandura (Kuzmyk), Uliana; Sapigа, Victoria; Mykhalevych, Artur
2021Scientific explanation of composition of acidophilic-whey ice cream, enriched with proteinPolishchuk, Galyna; Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Bandura (Kuzmyk), Uliana; Bass, Oksana; Mykhalevych, Artur; Sapigа, Victoria
2019Scientific explanation of the composition and technological modes of manufacture of dairy ice cream with vegetable pureeSapigа, Victoria; Polishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana; Mykhalevych, Artur; Maslikov, Maxim
2019Study of vegetable raw materials influence on cryoscopic temperature and the content of free and bound moisture in milk-vegetable blendsSapigа, Victoria; Mykhalevych, Artur; Polishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana
2020Technological rationalization of fermented ice cream productionMykhalevych, Artur; Sapigа, Victoria; Polishchuk, Galyna; Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana