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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Application of trans fats in the contemporary foodsRegotun, Оlena; Strizhnova, Marianna
2016Certificaton of organic productionTogachynska, Olga; Kotynskyy, Andriy; Strizhnova, Marianna; Ryzhykovа, Maria
2015Detection of heterologous genetic sequences in maize samples by PCR methodPetrenko, Natalia; Strizhnova, Marianna
2015Energy crops in the contemporary agricultureMelnik, Іrina; Strizhnova, Marianna
2014Factors that affect the state and development of the hotel industry in UkraineKulishova, Marina; Strizhnova, Marianna
2015Formation of the professionally oriented French translator’s competence of the future employees of tour managementStrizhnova, Marianna
2015Gastrotourism against the obesity in the modern lifeKorovko, Dmytro; Strizhnova, Marianna
2015Genetically modified cottonStupaka, M. O.; Strizhnova, Marianna
2016Green tourism in UkraineSkyvka, Alina; Shcherban, Anastasia; Strizhnova, Marianna
2015Healthy diet for improving the overall healthBraga, Eugenia; Strizhnova, Marianna
2016Innovative private enterprise “Gal-Bread”Novikova, Valeria; Strizhnova, Marianna
2015Macroeconomuic aspects of the human capital competitiveness in UkraineSologoub, Elena; Strizhnova, Marianna; Sologub, Volodymyr
2014Optimization of the agricultural sector in France to supress malnutritionStrizhnova, Marianna
2015Penicillin tactics revealed by scientistsZaloznyi, Rostislav; Strizhnova, Marianna
2016Production of milk-protein concentratesKuligina, Kateryna; Strizhnova, Marianna
2016Scientific research and usage of stem cellsOliseyenko, Inna; Strizhnova, Marianna
2016StellaratorGorenkov, Yevgeniy; Strizhnova, Marianna
2014The contemporary state of Ukrainian tourismStrizhnova, Marianna
2015The latest achievements in the field of structural genomicsTretiakova, Viktoria; Strizhnova, Marianna
2015The modern technologies оf dairy products’productionLiva, Olena; Strizhnova, Marianna