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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Advantages and disadvantages of distance learningVlasenko, Ludmila; Bozhok, Natalia
2013Approaches to the communication learningVlasenko, Ludmila; Sulima, Irina
2014Approaches to the students’ motivationVlasenko, Ludmila; Nikitenko, Olga
2014Competitive strategy of food industryBerseneva, Anna; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014Computer assisted language learningGunko, I.; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014Computer-aided manufacturingLyashenko, Maxim; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2012Different approaches to the students’ learning motivationKokhan, Olena M.; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2012Different approaches to the studying of communication processVlasenko, Ludmila; Chala, Kateryna
2012Economic mechanism of costs production managementSkryhun, Natalya; Semenenko, Katerina; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2011Educational games for language learningVlasenko, Ludmila; Sulima, Irina
2011Effective speaking, its types and tasksBerezovska, Olga; Vlasenko, Ludmila; Trygub, Inna
2014English for tourism and catering : coursebookSmirnova, Elizabeth; Mykhailova, Nelia; Kokhan, Olena M.; Yurchuk, Lyudmila; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014Features of mass media usage in advertisement activity of the enterpriseSkryhun, Natalya; Vlasenko, Ludmila; Chornous, Igor
2012How to teach handwritingVlasenko, Ludmila; Chala, Kateryna
2016Influencer marketing is a new possibility to control the process of consumer’s decision acceptance about purchasingSkryhun, Natalya; Lytka, Mariіa; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2012Language and learningVlasenko, Ludmila; Sulima, Irina
2014Nonverbal CommunicationHayshuk, Yulia; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2014Risk managementDanilova, Anna; Vlasenko, Ludmila
2012Role and importance of communicationVlasenko, Ludmila; Trygub, Inna
2012Second language: learning and teachingVlasenko, Ludmila; Trygub, Inna