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Title: Hotel industry in Ukraine embraces green revolution
Authors: Ohorodniichuk, Olena
Dotsenko, Viktor
Shydlovska, Olena
Ishchenko, Tatiana
Keywords: eco-hotel
hotel industry
готельне господарство
environmental certification
екологічна сертифікація
кафедра готельно-ресторанної справи
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Ohorodniichuk, O. Hotel industry in Ukraine embraces green revolution / O. Ohorodniichuk, V. Dotsenko, O. Shydlovska, T. Ishchenko // Научно-теоретический и практический журнал «Оралдын Fылым Жаршысы». – Казахстан, Уральск : Уралнаучкнига, 2013. – № 27 (75). – С. 91–94.
Abstract: The article argues the relevance and importance of environmental development of the hotel industry in Ukraine. The current state of the eco-hotels in Ukraine, their features, challenges and opportunities for development were also analyzed in this article.
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