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Title: 3-D modeling of water flow and cooling down within the temperature range close to inversion point
Authors: Gryschenko, Roman
Zasiadko, Yaroslav
Forsyuk, Andriy
Pilipenko, Alexey
Грищенко, Роман Владимирович
Засядько, Ярослав Иванович
Форсюк, Андрей Васильевич
Пилипенко, Алексей Юрьевич
Keywords: computer modeling
boundary conditions
heat transfer
cold accumulators
water ice
ice melting
3D моделювання
граничні умови
акумулятори холоду
водний лід
танення водного льоду
кафедра теплоенергетики та холодильної техніки
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 3-D modeling of water flow and cooling down within the temperature range close to inversion point / R. Gryshchenko, Ya. Zasiadko, A. Forsiuk, O. Pylypenko // Food and Environment Safety. - 2016. – Vol. XV, Is. 4. – P. 323–328.
Abstract: The research and simulation of heat transfer during water refrigeration in the experimental section close to the vertical pipe which is cooled down considering abnormal character of water density change from the temperature in close to inversion point (+4°C) section were investigated. The graphs of water temperature velocity distribution throughout the height of experimental section were constructed and analyzed. The results obtained allow estimating the impact of water temperature that is closely situated to inversion point on the dynamics of water ice melting and generation as well as on the form factors of cold accumulators. Such software and analytical research will allow increasing effectiveness and efficiency at the heat and bulk transfer equipment engineering.
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