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Title: Water bond forms in the dough and sorbtion properties of gluten-free macaroni products made from corn flour
Authors: Rozhno, Oleksandr
Yurchak, Vera
Holikova, Tatiana
Keywords: gluten-free macaroni products
water bond forms
absortion capability
structural characteristics
absorbtion energy
безглютеновые макаронные изделия
формы связи влаги
адсорбционная способность
структурные характеристики
энергия адсорбции
безглютенові макаронні вироби
форми зв’язку води
адсорбційна здатність
структурні характеристики
енергія адсорбції
кафедра технології хлібопекарських і кондитерських виробів
кафедра готельно-ресторанної справи
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Rozhno, O. Water bond forms in the dough and sorbtion properties of gluten-free macaroni products made from corn flour / O. Rozhno, V. Yurcak, T. Golikova // Food and Environment Safety - Journal of Faculty of Food Engineering, Ştefan cel Mare University - Suceava Volume XVI, Issue 3 – 2017. – P. 167–179.
Abstract: Authors have developed macaroni products made from fine meal corn flour with usage of structure forming additives of different nature and without them. The correlation of water of different bond forms in macaroni dough with different structural forming additives and without them has been investigated. Results show that water of macro and microcapillaries is prevalent in the corn dough – 39.40 - 54.69 % of overall amount of water. Osmotically bound water amounts 18.75 – 28.04 %, adsorbically bound water -18.49 – 23.13 % of overall amount of water. Absorbtion capability of the macaroni products and amount of adsorbed water have been determined. The micropore structure of these samples was characterized. The correlation between structure of macaroni products, both amount of adsorbed moisture and energy of sorption were proven. The amount of monomolecular layer’s moisture for gluten-free corn macaroni products is significantly higher – in 1.2 – 1.5 times – when compared to the wheat macaroni products. Due to this corn samples obtain higher energy of moisture sorption. The correlation between structural characteristics of the macaroni samples and its quality was shown.
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