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dc.contributor.authorSkrypko, Anhelina-
dc.contributor.authorObolkina, Vera-
dc.contributor.authorKyianytsia, Svetlana-
dc.identifier.citationSkrypko, А. Scientific justification of using of oat malt flour and gumarabic «FIBREGUM» in butter biscuit technology / А. Skrypko, V. Obolkyna, S. Kyianytsia // The 8th Central Europen Congress on Food «Food Science for Well-being» 23-26 may 2016. – K. – 2013. – С. 169.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe consumer properties of pastry items depend on the quality of recipe components, their chemical composition and technological properties. The sprouted grains contain the entire set of ingredients necessary for a balanced diet: low molecular weight proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, food fibers, minerals, vitamins.uk_UA
dc.subjectdough structural- mechanicaluk_UA
dc.subjectструктурно-механічні властивості тістаuk_UA
dc.subjectкафедра технології хлібопекарських і кондитерських виробівuk_UA
dc.titleScientific justification of using of oat malt flour and gumarabic «FIBREGUM» in butter biscuit technologyuk_UA
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