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Title: Absorption anisotropy studies of polymethine dyes
Authors: Lepkowicz, R.
Przhonska, Olga
Stryland, E.
Slominsky, Yu.
Kachkovski, A.
Mayboroda, Elena
Bondar, Nikolai
Keywords: orientation of transition dipole moments
exited-state absorption
polymethine dye
ориентации дипольных моментов переходов
возбужденное состояние поглощения
полиметиновые красители
орієнтація дипольних моментів переходів
збуджений стан поглинання
поліметинові барвники
кафедра харчової хімії
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: Absorption anisotropy studies of polymethine dyes / R. Lepkowicz, C. Cirloganu, O. Przhonska and other // Chemical Physics. - 2004. - P. 171-183.
Abstract: The determination of the spectral position of the excited states and orientation of the transition dipole moments of polymethine molecules is experimentally measured using two methods: the steady-state fluorescence anisotropy method, and a two-color polar¬ization-resolved pump-probe method. This novel use of the pump-probe method is described in detail and a comparison to the flu¬orescence method is given. Quantum-chemical modeling on the effects of the bridge structure in the polymethine chromophore on the linear absorption spectrum is also discussed.
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