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Title: Perspective direction of complex improvement of rusk wares
Authors: Telychkun, Yuliia
Telychkun, Volodymyr
Desyk, Mykola
Kravchenko, Alexander
Marсhenko, A.
Birca, Adriana
Stefanov, Stefan
Keywords: заміс тіста
mixing of dough
кафедра машин і апаратів харчових та фармацевтичних виробництв
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The necessity of complex perfection of process of production of rusk warest comes up from the raditional method of production, wide usage of hand labour and bulky equipment. The process of mixing of dough, treatment of dough purveyances, baking and drying is investigational by us. It is set that the intensive mixing of dough allows to shorten duration of his fermentation, the using of dynamic method of loosen of dough purveyances and combined process of baking baking-drying . On the basis of the conducted researches the machine-instrumental chart of the complex stream-mechanized line of production of rusk wares is offered
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