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dc.contributor.authorOvcharuk, Vladimir-
dc.contributor.authorYushchuk, Inna-
dc.contributor.authorMetlov, Sergei-
dc.identifier.citationOvcharuk, V. A mathematical model for calculating the saturator of the sugar production / V. Ovcharuk, I. Yuschuk, S. Metlov // Food Science, Engineering and Technology 2013 Scientific works. Volume lx, 18-19 October 2013. – Plovdiv, 2013. – P. 1401 – 1403.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractWork on optimization of calculation process for the equipment intended for the absorption of carbon dioxide with the aim to neutralize calcium hydroxide when purifying crude juice in sugar production. Developed a mathematical model and parametric scheme to calculate the process of carbonation. Determined that the saturation with carbon dioxide of kiln gas negative impact on coefficient of its use. Was established that with the increase of CO2 in the gas efficiency of its use decreases.uk_UA
dc.subjectpurifying crude juiceuk_UA
dc.subjectsugar productionuk_UA
dc.subjectoptimization of calculationuk_UA
dc.subjectочистка дифузійного сокуuk_UA
dc.subjectоптимізація розрахункуuk_UA
dc.subjectцукрове виробництвоuk_UA
dc.subjectкафедра інформатики-
dc.titleA mathematical model for calculating the saturator of the sugar productionuk_UA
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